SSD Solution

SSD stands for synthetic surfactant detedent which is a chemical solution used for the cleaning of black money, defaced currencies, marked or stained currency.  The main chemicals used in the preparation of SSD Solution are PK 58 SSD TOPIX solution, SSD Castro X Oxide solution, SSD Tourmaline solution, SSD VECTROL PASTE solution, SSD TEBI-MANETIC solution, SSD Universal Solution, HUMINE Powder CALTROX Oxide TIATAMORINE, PARACIENT Powder, and VECTROL Paste. This judiciously prepared solution provides you 100% cleaning of all types of currencies including dollar, euro, pounds, rupee, and any other currency with any security color. This is the best solution for fixing the discoloration of all defaced bank notes.

The reason for its widespread influence is its effective results as well as decent price tag which easily fit into every pocket. The implementation of the solution is also quite straightforward that doesn’t require any professional assistance. We provide the SSD solution with a detailed manual guide that instructs the user step-by-step on how to use the solution.
Note: Any chemical must be applied with utmost caution. It can harm the human body if contacted directly. Even if such a contact takes place, please wash it immediately. In case of persistent irritation, refer to a medical practitioner at the earliest.
This intense solution works on the marks and stains of the currencies and instantly removes them, making them perfectly clean that even ingenious professionals can’t distinguish between the refined and unrefined notes.
If you still find yourself incapable of using this solution then you can hire our expert team that is consisted of specialist scientists and laboratory technicians. They are specialized in cleaning anti breeze bank notes and stained black money with SSD solution chemical, giving you impeccable results.
Caution: This intense solution needs to be used with great safety and carefulness. If this solution comes into the direct contact of human body then it can prove potentially dangerous. If this comes into your body contact then instantly wash the infected area. If you observe any skin irritation, consult the doctor immediately.